IWA - Aussie Wrestling Hall Of Fame

IWA International Wrestling Australia is proud in history , as is Australian Wrestling. In 1998 IWA announced its first hall of fame member, over the coming months and years we will begin to announce more Australian Wrestlers. These are the performers who through their blood sweat and tears over the last few decades have performed thousands of matches, along with grueling travel to towns across the country and have served the Australian wrestling industry and helped create history.


IWA was pleased to announce Mario Milano was the first inductee of the IWA Aussie wrestling Hall Of Fame, in 1998 at Sydney's Royal easter Show in front of a sold out crowd of 2000 people @ the Woodchop Arena.  Here Mario is seen with his award in the photo with former wrestlers Sgt Bianco, Mark Mercedes, & Billy Condolian.


Mario was again given the Hall Of Fame award later in 2009 for the IWA TV series on Foxtel, of which he was a key talent on the show.