Welcome to the IWA photo library, we have hundreds & hundreds of wonderful pics to upload over the coming months from pre 1998 to current. Keep watching for great pics from ringside action to backstage photos of IWA tours & shows.

1995 -1998 PRE IWA: These photos are taken before IWA started in 1998, photos are from various aussie indies shows and wrestlriot tours in 1993.

1998 - 2000 IWA: The start of IWA, some great backstage and in ring pics here from early IWA.

2000-2003 IWA: Great backstage, tour & in ring pics here from IWA Riot in The Roundhouse shows, Snow & Tahiti Tours.

2003-2005 IWA: Great backstage, tour & in ring pics.

1990's - Mixed Tours around the 1990's from Royal Canberra Show,Coogee Randwick RSL Club, Muswellbrook New England NSW Tours, Wild West Central NSW Dubbo Tours, The Australian Supershow, Tamworth Show and More so many funny backstage and in ring pics..

WONDERLAND SYDNEY - 2000 -2004 IWA did several tours within the Wonderland Sydney theme park.  IWA was booming at this time with show every week, this tour was around 2004 just several months before the park closed. It was part of a big tour as it was four weeks of 3 day weekends, with shows on Fri/Sat/Sun the after the last weekend we had 24hours to pack up and drive to the Royal Melbourne Show for 7 Days  followed by 3 days at the Wagga Show and finishing off with another 3 days at the Griffith show....  It was a great time, hard work and so much fun....... 

Blacktown Workers Show March 2015

WILD WEST TOUR  2015 Bathurst RSL Club July 

Club Toukley RSL August 2015



Commercial Club Albury Feb 2016

St Johns Park Bowling Club April 2016

Wests Leagues Club Leumeah Oct 2016