HEIGHT: 170cm

WEIGHT: 100kg

HOMETOWN: Wellington NSW
TRAINING: IWA- Mark Mercedes, OVW,

TITLES- IWA Heavyweight, IWA Trans Tasman


BIO: One of the greatest performers in Australian Wrestling today, Tyson Gibbs has a long impressive list of achievements in the sport of aussie wrestling and international. Performing not only all over Australia but through-out the USA as well. Working shows with the WWE developmental promotion OVW in Kentucky. Tyson started with the IWA in the early 2000's and has been a main eventer ever since, winning all of the IWA titles at one stage or another along with being one of the main performers on the IWA National Television Series on Foxtel & Austar feuding with Brett Brady & Mark Mercedes. Not only tyson looked up to by his peers but also the wrestling fans as one of the true icons of the sport today.

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