International Wrestling Australia - IWA Pro Wrestling - Adventure for the whole family!

Escape to the amazing world of IWA Pro Wrestling, It's a family fun action packed live show. With heavyweight matches, women’s matches, tag teams and daredevils all guaranteed to blow you away! it’s a body slamming, bone crunching non stop sports entertainment. International Wrestling Australia (IWA) is dishing out more fun, more action and more excitement than has ever been seen in the 100+ year old Australian pro-wrestling circuit.  Above and beyond the standard live sporting event this adds elements of theatre and comedy, IWA's live shows are action packed and exceedingly entertaining. They have performed at hundreds of venues across Australia.

The IWA team have held over 500 pro wrestling shows at venues such as Wonderland Sydney Theme Park, Sydney, Melbourne & Canberra Royal shows, and toured their show overseas successfully in Tahiti and New Caledonia The men and women who create the performance team of International Wrestling Australia are indeed entertainers but their strength and durability is far beyond that of your average actor or musician. At 250 pounds plus, these men (and women) take up to half hour of being jumped on, thrown down, pushed over and kicked and still have the strength to pick each other up and then do it all again the following night.

At any given IWA Pro Wrestling show you can expect to see a good mix of about 6-10 wrestlers, from small masked high flyers to giant super-heavyweights. There are women wrestlers, valet girls, tag teams and their managers even the occasional midget match. IWA Pro Wrestling plots comical, often very funny storylines that are relevant to Australian audiences. It’s a different routine at every IWA Pro Wrestling show, new bouts, new plots, new gimmicks and new talent. There is always a lot of posing going on, lots of body oil and lycra to be seen. There is the grand entrances, great music, the referees, the announcers and so much more IWA Pro Wrestling is an amazing experience that must be seen live. 

The whole performance is audience interactive and so provides something extra for those who want a little more fun when they go and see a live show. The wrestlers are mix of international and local performers they are all a great credit to IWA's success. IWA pro wrestlers are well-defined and easy to follow characters, making it enjoyable for audience members to pick and choose favorites and easy to identify the baddies.

"We offer a fantastic live action adventure show for all ages" Perhaps the biggest difference between pro-wrestling and 'real' sport is that pro-wrestling openly admits to glorifying characters and embellishing storylines, says promoter and wrestler Mark Mercedes who is a 15 year pro wrestling veteran who has wrestled for WCW in the USA & major companies in Japan and Europe. Mercedes adds ‘IWA Pro Wrestling has been Australia’s #1 in sports - entertainment for the past 11 years and is often referred by many venue managers as “Australia's hottest live touring act”. IWA’s success has surprised many and really revived pro wrestling in Australia’ 

Want to experience it? Everyone is welcome, you'll go in curious and come out a fan, guarantee it!

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Mark Mercedes & Tyrone Townsend founded the IWA in early 1998 after Mercedes returned from a year working abroad with Otto Wanz’s CWA in Germany and Ted Turner’s WCW in the USA. Townsend was finishing his University degree at UNSW COFA. Realizing that Australian wrestling scene was almost dead both Mercedes & Townsend decided that the time was right to restore Australian Wrestling.


At the time wrestling in the USA was booming with massive stars like Stone Cold Steve Austin & The Rock in the WWE and in the WCW the NWO were hot property. Back home in Australia both Mercedes and Townsend knew Australian audience was starved of quality local action. So after securing a huge contract in 1998 with the Royal Easter Show the ball began to roll for IWA with a long list of club venues jumping on board.  Family fun action was the focus, with quality performers and show, with these key ingredients it was not before long the IWA was a fulltime gig for both Mercedes & Townsend.


Soon IWA had the local Sydney scene wrapped up with venues all over Sydney, Central Coast and Wollongong and Newcastle regions. Not to be complacent Mercedes & Townsend decided to ramp up the show turning IWA into a full touring machine, firstly buying a ring truck and hiring a ring crew to promote shows and tours regionally throughout NSW, QLD & Vic, eventually even reaching into the pacific islands touring both New Caledonia and Tahiti.


Over the following years IWA put Aussie Wrestling back on the mat, touring places that wrestling had not been since the early 60’s and 70’s. The IWA touring model became a success with much media attention from press, magazines and TV programs. Soon IWA formed a relationship with Channel V & both TVSN channels on the Foxtel network putting IWA into the mainstream and with a national audience.


It wasn’t before long both Mercedes and Townsend knew it was time for IWA to have its own television show.  So After many years working on the project the dream turned into reality in 2009. With IWA becoming the first in 30 years to finally put Australian wrestling back on the screens. Foxtel’s  Aurora Channel signed the deal with six 30 minute episodes. Two more seasons followed as well as a Christmas special.


In 2011 the Mercedes & Townsend business partnership finally split, after Townsend declaring he had spent enough time touring and being on the road and wished to change direction.  Mark Mercedes went on to buy out Townsend’s interest in the company, and continues today promoting and touring with IWA. Mercedes retired from in ring action in 2013 but continues to work backstage and as a tour manager. “IWA has always been about family fun entertainment and like a roller coaster it just keeps going”