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IWA - Beach Blast RESULTS!

1. The Tuckman pinned Sam Osborne after a distraction from the Masked Kamikaze RANDAL - who attacked The Prize Bull after the match. Randal has now cost all three members of North Shore matches in the last 5 weeks.

2. Despite being woman-handled throughout the match, Rita Stone managed to catch Gymbro Jesse with a flying crossbody to score the win and beat another tough competition.

3. IWA Trans-Tasman Champion Will Kiedis pinned Vinnie Vain with his hand on the rope after an O’Connor Roll. What is interesting to note is that Referee Cosmo was NOT in attendance last night, rather Referee John Anderson. Anderson called the match in Kiedis’ favour.

4. IWA Heavyweight Champion Jimmy Townsend took advantage of Scott Green’s injured leg in front of a furious audience, eventually attacking Scott after his leg was wedged in-between the ring and the stage. Jimmy submitted Scott Green to keep the strap.

5. In a classic, Robbie Zucco delighted his hometown audience catching Ricky South with a small package and giving The Example his first loss in the last year at IWA. After the match, Ricky jumped Zucco only to be saved by Vinnie Vain - who embraced his father Zucco after the match

6. In an extremely hostile environment, RIG and Jackson Kelly squared off in a brutal Northern Beaches Brawl - ending with The Golden Boot pinning The Chief, ending Rig’s IWA career.

THANK YOU to everyone that attended our event last night and thank you to Pittwater RSL!

We have one more show this year and we are finishing our 25th Year in a huge way.

IWA Grapple on the Green 2 goes down Sunday December 17 at Club Austral. Tickets are only $5 with proceeds going to the Black Dog Institute!

And the main event will be announced TODAY


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