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IWA – The Lumberjacks Results (St. John’s Park, NSW, 06/04/24)

IWA – The Lumberjacks Results (St. John’s Park, NSW, 06/04/24)


St. John’s Park Bowling Club was alive last Saturday night for IWA’s return, as we presented The Lumberjacks, culminating a rivalry between Trans-Tasman Champion Will Kiedis and Scott Green. We would like to thank the venue, New Photography Studios, Video Webb and the patrons of the club for contributing to what was a great night of IWA action.


The Tuckman kicked off the event handing out Easter Eggs to the event attendees as an apology for letting everyone down at Hornsby. He was not able to live up to his promise of Free Pizza, so as a makegood he handed out the chocolate treats. Before finishing, IWA Director Robert Oxley entered, telling Tuckman he couldn’t hand out chocolates as he was no longer Food and Catering Commissioner – though as Tuckman pointed out, this only applies to items on the venue menu. Tuckman then pinned Aaron Jake despite a near leg injury and handed the rest of the eggs out to celebrate with the audience.


With neither having won a match in IWA before, Shay Kassidy backslide her way to a victory over Cherry Stephens in a competitive contest. Despite Cherry’s multiple attempts to evade the backslide, it wasn’t enough and was caught by the popstar. Although what happened after the match seemed to tell the story, as Cherry Stephens was irate and inconsolable, screaming in the faces of ringside personnel before leaving the venue distraught.


Vinnie Vain entered the St. John’s Park Bowling Club with the intent of being in his Father Robbie Zucco’s corner, but with Zucco out with an injury, Vinnie instead protested what happened at Hornsby and insisted him attacking his Father was an accident. He desperately explained that he didn’t mean to cost Zucco the IWA Heavyweight Title and he would like to team up with his old man to prove it. This brought out North Shore Wrestling (Sam Osborne and Trans-Tasman Champ Will Kiedis) and after some choice words back and forth, the three agreed that our next event at St. John’s Park Bowling Club will include a tag-team match, featuring Robbie Zucco & Vinnie Vain vs Will Kiedis and Sam Osborne.


Shortly after this exchange, The Masked Kamikaze Randal appeared for his match with Osborne, which was immediately paused for Referee Cosmo to eject Will Kiedis from ringside. This is likely due to Cosmo and Kiedis’ history, which has been strained after several months of animosity during Kiedis’ matches.

Kiedis reappeared to assist Osborne in the win, but after Kiedis was neutralised by Tuckman (still ringside doing commentary), Randal scored a quick pin and beat his North Shore rival. Randal has now pinned two of the three North Shore Wrestling members, only leaving Will Kiedis.  

Randal was attacked post-match by Kiedis, who clocked him with the Trans-Tasman Title belt, rendering him questionable to participate in the main event as a Lumberjack.


IWA Heavyweight Champion Jimmy Townsend did not have possession of the title belt walking into the match on Saturday night after being stolen by ‘Cowboy’ Chris Abbott at Hornsby. A fired-up Wandering Soul entered first and waited several minutes for the sauntering outlaw to appear, who was cunningly apprehensive about entering the ring. Once in, a physical brawl broke out between the two. Jimmy was able to keep Abbott down long enough to give him the moonsault, but the Cowboy rolled out of the ring. Jimmy went after him and the brawl reignited. Referee Cosmo was unable to contain the fight nor was he able to get the two back into the ring, so the match was deemed a no-contest only after around 4-minutes. Robert Oxley urged the roster to break the fight up, which set the scene for the main event.


IWA Trans-Tasman Champion Will Kiedis re-entered the venue to defend the IWA Trans-Tasman Title in a Lumberjack Match, where the roster will surround the ring and can get involed if a wrestler falls to the outside. However, before the match, Kiedis was able to successfully replace Referee Cosmo in the match with Referee Jax. His challenger, Scott Green entered to a rousing ovation by St. John’s Park and half of the ringside wrestlers.

After multiple tumbles outside, involvement from lumberjacks and an attempted escape by Will Kiedis, Randal’s reappearance proved to be a difference maker, as Kiedis was sent back into the ring with all of his friends down. Scott Green nailed Kiedis with a superkick and Referee Cosmo replaced a down Referee Jax to count the pinfall, signalling a new champion. Green’s tag partner, Tuckman, was emotional and lifted him up with other wrestlers after the match, though NOT with Jimmy Townsend.


We would once again like to thank everyone that attended our event in St. John’s Park. We hope to see you back in August, stay tuned to IWA International Wrestling Australia’s Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for more information.





1.        Tuckman def. ‘Hired Gun’ Aaron Jake

2.        Shay Kassidy def. Cherry Stephens

3.        Randal def. Sam Osborne

4.        Cowboy Chris Abbott fought Jimmy Townsend to a no-contest

5.        Scott Green def. Will Kiedis in a Lumberjack Match, now Trans-Tasman Champion




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May 17th – Fraternity Club Fairy Meadows

August – St. John’s Park Bowling Club


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