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Sam Osborne RETURNS, Trans-Tasman Championship Changes Hands on IWA Summer Meltdown Tour

Newly crowned Trans-Tasman Champion Sam Osborne pictured with 'North Shore Sports Entertainment - "The Anchorman" Will Kiedis & "The Sandhill Warrior" Matt Menzies

ANYTHING can happen on the IWA Summer Meltdown Tour.

After defeating the debuting 'Backman' on night one at South West Rocks Country Club, IWA Trans-Tasman Champion Jimmy Townsend sent out an open challenge to anyone in IWA history, regardless of contractual status, to challenge him for the Trans-Tasman Championship.

What seemingly was a celebration of entering the 25th year of the IWA led to the shocking return of recently retired Sam Osborne, who Jimmy Townsend sent into retirement at IWA Relentless: Unfinished Business in January of 2022.

Sam Osborne, with the help of Will Kiedis and the debuting Matt Menzies, was able to dethrone Jimmy Townsend at the Laurieton United Services Club for the Trans-Tasman Championship a mere 75 days after dethroning the longest reigning champion Tree Hugger Luchi at IWA - The Final Ride. This was the shortest reign in over 5 and a half years.

Since Sam Osborne lost the career vs. career match against Jimmy Townsend in January 2022, he was now wrestling on a per-performance contract, as special leeway had to be allowed due to Townsend's initial challenge as well as his now being the Trans-Tasman Champion.

The following night at the Tuncurry Beach Bowling Club, Jimmy Townsend rechallenged Sam Osborne for the Trans-Tasman Championship in a lumberjack match, now evening the unfair odds that North Shore Sports Entertainment originally provided at Laurieton United Services Club, where Osborne captured the championship.

After struggling to put the challenger away, Sam Osborne began to walk off from the match, storming backstage. As the ref contemplated having to call the match a no contest, Sam Osbrone was carried back to the ring by the lumberjacks, ensuring the match came to a fair and conclusive finish. Jimmy Townsend soared from the top rope with a moonsault to put the Prize Bull down once and for all, and regain the Tran-Tasman Championship for a 2nd time.

IWA returns to Sydney with The St. Johns Stockade Tournament on Saturday January 28th.


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