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2 Guys, 1 Cup? IWA RumbleRock 4 Match Announcement

Will Kiedis vs. Brad Alexander Match Announcement

RumbleRock 4 is already shaping up to be a wild event.

Coming off Will Kiedis' loss in the finals of the IWA St. Johns Stockade Tournament, Kiedis proclaimed this was was because he "can't live with the fact that you [Brad Alexander] beat me", and said he want's to fight Brad Alexander one more time, declaring "you pick the terms, you pick the stipulations"

Will Kiedis may come to regret those words on March 23rd at Club York

Brad Alexander has chosen to challenge Will Kiedis for his beloved IWA Super Contenders Cup, which grants the owner a match for any title in the IWA, anytime, any place, anywhere.

Will Kiedis has held this cup since The Super Contenders Cup Rumble on March 12th, 2020. By the time we reach Club York, Will Kiedis will have held his cup for 1,106 days.

Will Kiedis would more than likely not have that cup if it wasn't for the help of Brad Alexander. They worked in tandem throughout the duration of their time in the ring, and Brad also aided Will Kiedis in the elimination of Dazza after Brad was out of the match.

Ever since Will Kiedis made Brad Alexander bleed at IWA's 23 Year Anniversary Show, ending their decade plus long friendship, Brad has made it his mission to make Will Kiedis' life HELL, and has promised not to stop the abuse until he makes Will Kiedis BLEED.

When they met for their first singles contest at IWA - The Final Ride in October last year, Brad Alexander swiftly made Will Keidis tap, but Brad looked to not be satisfied yet.

On March 23rd, Brad Alexander gets the chance to not only defeat his former best-friend and bitter rival again, but attempt to make good on his promise to make him bleed, and take away the most important thing to Will Kiedis - The IWA Super Contenders Cup.

Will Kiedis, on the other hand, has the chance to prove he deserves to hold the Super Contenders Cup, defeat the man that has tormented him for over a year, and as he does on any night, have the ability to challenge for and win a championship in the IWA.

The stakes could not be higher.

IWA - Rumble Rock 4 takes place on Thursday, March 23 at Club York, in the heart of the city of Sydney (a 5 minute walk from Town Hall Station). Tickets are available RIGHT NOW and will feature a to-be-announced live band performing. This event is strictly 18+


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