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Available On-Demand: IWA - Suplex On The Sand 4

IWA's rowdiest and biggest event of the year so far took place at the Pittwater RSL, is available to relive on demand today at!

Ben Braxton delivering a wild tope to the competitors of the 10 man Turf War Main Event

Witness the longest match in IWA history, featuring the return of Randal, the retirement of Lyrebird Luchi and the heated Turf War battle between Team Western Sydney and Team Northern Beaches

This along with a stacked undercard, featuring 'The Chief' vs. Sheriff Walker, Jude London looking to get his first win in the IWA with his new manager Kingsley against the St. Johns Stockade Tournament winner Dazza, and Rita Stone trying to get back to her winning ways against the debuting Lena Kross!

It was one of the best IWA shows in recent memory, and you can now watch it On-Demand on IWA Rewind

Looking to see the fallout to this event? Our next Sydney show is on July 22nd at St. Johns Park Bowling Club for IWA - Iron Will. Already announced is a Trans-Tasman Championship match between champion Will Kiedis against #1 Contender The Tuckman!


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