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IWA - Iron Will Results

IWA - Iron Will featured title changes, thrilling matches, shocking moments, and major news for the future of the IWA

- In the opening contest, Brad Alexander continued his momentum with a victory over the powerful Backman

- Robbie Zucco pinned a game Vinnie Vain - but AFTER the match, Vain’s consultant Piers Austin appeared with shocking “dirt” on Zucco, revealing that he is in fact Vinnie Vain’s FATHER

- New champion The Tuckman lost the IWA Trans-Tasman Title back to Will Kiedis after a bad referee call missing Tuckman’s foot on the rope. After the match, Kiedis’ former tag-team partner Brad Alexander stormed the ring and made his intentions clear - he is coming for the new champion and his title!

- Due to Cowboy Chris Abbott’s illness, Jimmy Townsend took on IWA Heavyweight Champion Jackson Kelly in a match billed as Kelly’s final contracted appearance. Jimmy beat Kelly in only 17 seconds, and per Kelly’s stipulations, Jimmy is now eligible to challenge for the IWA Heavyweight Title. He and Kelly wrestle for the belt on October 14th at IWA’s 25th Anniversary Event.

- Lena Kross defeated ‘Relentless’ Rita Stone, furthering Stone’s losing streak. Rita is now 0-4 after asking for “better competition”, while Lena continues to be ‘Number 1’ against Rita Stone.

THANK YOU to all that came out to watch the event and honour Kyle and Sandy. We hope you had a great time.

We are back at St. John’s Park Bowling Club on October 14 for the IWA 25 Year Anniversary Event. Tickets will be on sale very soon.


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