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Jackson Kelly versus... who? IWA RumbleRock 4 match announcement

Jackson Kelly vs. ???

IWA Rumble Rock gets increasingly more intriguing

Jackson Kelly, IWA's Heavyweight Champion, is closing in on reigning for 700 days.

Reigning, but not defending.

Since his historic title win on April 17th at IWA's 23 Year Anniversary, putting an end to the longest reigning champion ever 'Cowboy' Chris Abbott in a hellacious Last Man Standing match, Jackson Kelly has not once defended his championship.

Jackson Kelly promised to bring 'rules' back to wrestling, enforcing them to pick and choose who he would allow to challenge for his heavyweight championship. No one has yet to 'follow' these 'rules'.

By the time we reached April of 2022, after an entire year of his title not being defended, Jackson Kelly announced to the IWA fans that he would officially NEVER be defending his championship title ever again.

Out came acting IWA director Robert Oxley, obviously not wanting to let this occur, to confront Jackson Kelly to inform him this would not be possible.

Jackson Kelly luckily had an ace up his sleeve.

All the way back in August of 2018, IWA hosted MCW for Fighting Spirit 3, a State Of Origin war pitting the two promotions against each other in 5 matches on the night.

Robert Oxley had only just recently been appointed IWA director at June's 'IWA - Danger Zone', and not wanting the wrestlers of IWA to take this challenge lightly, instituted a winning clause, that being the 'Fighting Spirit favour'.

This granted any of the winning participants on the night to use a favour for whatever they saw fit in the IWA.

Chris Abbott, who defeated 'Loverboy' Lochy Hendricks, used his favour first, cashing it in for a title match against Jonah Rock at IWA - Fallout.

Randal was next, adding himself into the match with Abbott and Rock.

Will Kiedis and Brad Alexander used their favour to become the general managers of IWA - Suplex on the Sand 3 in 2019.

That left all the favours used within a matter of months, besides one.

1,323 days later, Jackson Kelly issued his favour - To NEVER defend the IWA Heavyweight Championship ever again.

Robert Oxley refused his favour, seeing it as an overreach and threatened to strip Jackson Kelly of his championship. Kelly was in shock, and bargained with Robert for a compromise, which they came to;

Jackson Kelly would only defend his championship after an opponent had first beaten him

Since this day, no one has been able to defeat Kelly in the IWA, and he has even gone so far as to no-show events in order to not face his opponents (IWA - The Final Ride vs. Jack Pain).

IWA Trans-Tasman Champion Jimmy Townsend has been the complete opposite, defending his championship at every opportunity and being the definition of a fighting champion.

Jimmy Townsend was throwing shade at Kelly during IWA - The St. Johns Stockade Tournament in January of this year, before Jackson Kelly made a shock appearance.

Jackson Kelly proposes a $1 bet with Jimmy Townsend

Jackson Kelly ran down Jimmy Townsend and his upcoming opponent and friend Victor Langaz, and made 2 shocking proclamations

Kelly decided to make a bet with Jimmy Townsend, putting $1 on the line with the winner being whoever's title reign lasted the longest in the IWA

The next pertained to our upcoming event at Club York

Kelly announced that he was contractually obligated to appear, and had signed on the dotted line to compete against one of Australia's BEST wrestlers, though, neglecting to say who he was referring too.

The IWA fanbase has gone into overdrive speculating on who this person may be.

It's more than likely that one of the best wrestlers in this country will be required to dethrone Kelly, as they must be able to overcome Kelly not once, but twice.

Whoever they are, we will find out on Thursday the 23rd of March at Club York, and IWA fans across Australia will be hoping for 2 victories and a new champion.

IWA - Rumble Rock 4 takes place on Thursday, March 23 at Club York, in the heart of the city of Sydney (a 5 minute walk from Town Hall Station). Tickets are available RIGHT NOW and will feature a to-be-announced live band performing. This event is strictly 18+


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