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NEW IWA Trans-Tasman Champion, Super Contenders Cup cashed in, RumbleRock 4 is INSANE

Will Kiedis poses with his newly won IWA Trans-Tasman Championship after defeating Jimmy Townsend at RumbleRock 4

1,106 days.

That is the time it took for Will Kiedis to cash in his IWA Super Contenders Cup.

A lot has changed since he won that cup.

Chris Abbott was only 503 days into his record breaking title reign, Will Kiedis was still good friends with Brad Alexander, Jimmy Townsend was less than one year into his IWA career, and COVID-19 was only weeks away from shutting down the world for the first time.

In the final of the Super Contenders Cup Rumble, it was down to Will Kiedis and Jimmy Townsend to battle it out for the coveted cup. When Will Kiedis finally used his cup, it was against Jimmy Townsend himself.

This brings Will Kiedis to 2-1 in their long running feud, defeating him in the aforementioned Rumble, and at RumbleRock 4 this past Thursday. Jimmy Townsends win came emphatically at IWA Take No Prisoners in March of 2022.

Kiedis' cash in came mere moments after Jimmy Townsend pulled off an incredible feat - pinning the IWA Heavyweight Champion Jackson Kelly. This is the first time since January of 2020 this has occurred, after the first time we've seen a Champion vs. Champion singles match since the previous RumbleRock in 2019.

This leaves us with many questions relating to Jimmy Townsend, who may just be public enemy number one after this night.

Pinning Jackson Kelly should theoretically give Jimmy Townsend the ability to challenge for Jackson Kelly's championship, though now with him going away to for an extended period, we have to wait for this answer, as well as what his next move is.

Given his history with Will Kiedis and the revenge he would more than likely want, does he challenge Kiedis'? Does he go after Jackson Kelly after he see's he can defeat him? Does he attend to Chris Abbott's constant challenges online now that his and Apollo's suspensions are up? Or does he turn his attention towards his brethren, Dazza and RIG, who were not in the building an unable to attend to Townsend in his time of need.

"Oh, and by the way. Rig and Dazza, my boys! Next time you're on your own, and you're outnumbered, you're on your own"

Rumble Rock 4 also saw Rita Stone continue her incredible winning streak against The Sheriff in a York Street fight, and The Tuckman outlast 3 other competitors to win his inaugural beer drinking contest! (before Jackson Kelly ruined the party)

IWA RumbleRock 4 is availble to watch on IWA Rewind right now!

The fallout to RumbleRock 4 happens THIS FRIDAY March 31st at Hornsby RSL for IWA Hostile Territory! Tickets are still available.

IWA returns to St Johns Park on April 8th for Easter Saturday Showdown! Tickets are available now!


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